New York

Enactment of Public Health Law Title5-A in 2007 established the Empire State Stem Cell Research Fund and Board. The Board consists of two committees, the funding committee and the ethics committee. The first meeting of the board is planned for October 22, 2007. $100 million was committed to the fund initially with an additional $50 million promised each year for 10 years. Information regarding the statute, board, and funding opportunities will be available at <> Funding options, criteria for peer review and the ethical standards for conduct of funded research is in development as of this writing October 2007.

The Empire State Stem Cell Board has drafted a framework for how New York State’s $600 million commitment to stem cell research may best accelerate scientific discoveries into novel prevention and treatment strategies. At its May 13, 2008, meeting the Board approved a draft strategic plan for posting and public comment. The Empire State Stem Cell Board’s Strategic Plan may be accessed at, along with an electronic form for submitting comments up to June 13, 2008. The Board will consider submitted comments at its June 27, 2008 meeting.

Contact for IASCR: Judy Doesschate, Esq., Bureau of House Counsel, New York State Department of Health