IASCR Resources

This page provides access to resources developed by the Interstate Alliance on Stem Cell Research and other helpful sources of information.

  • Summary of Comments on NIH Draft Guidelines. IASCR has compiled a number of comments from a variety of stakeholders on NIH’s Draft Guidelines on Human Stem Cell Research. Advancing the Promise: Leading Research Institutions, Patients and Scholars Comment on the Draft NIH Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research is available as a PDF file (4.0 MB).
  • State Research Policy Analysis. Geoff Lomax and Susan Stayn have published an analysis of research policies in IASCR participant states in Medical Research Law & Policy Report. This analysis, performed under the auspices of IASCR, is intended to evaluate how policy differences may affect the sharing of research materials and other collaborative work.
  • Grant Review Chart. This chart summarizes the policies and practices for grant review across several states (CIRM, CT, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY) and compares them to NIH’s. Among the items included are grant review entity(ies), membership, review process, review criteria, appeals of scientific review, public access to review process, compensation for reviewers, conflict of interest, confidentiality/disclosure, and eligibility for funding/collaboration.
  • Stem Cell Therapies:  Opportunities for Ensuring the Quality and Safety of Clinical Offerings. A new report by the National Academy of Sciences highlights the possibilities for stem cell use in existing and new medicines.
  • Articles. This page provides references and links to scholarly articles of interest to IASCR participants
  • Links. This page provides links to related organizations and helpful publications of interest to IASCR participants.