Roundtable Members

The ILAR Roundtable is pleased to list its members below. If your organization is interested in joining the ILAR Roundtable, please contact Roundtable Director Lida Anestidou at

Roundtable on Science and Welfare in Laboratory Animal Use – Members
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Lynn C. Anderson, Co-Chair
Vice President
Global Animal Welfare and
Comparative Medicine
Covance Laboratories, Inc.
Robert C. Dysko, Co-Chair
Director, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine
University of Michigan Medical School
Paul A. Locke, Liaison to ILAR Council
Associate Professor
Department of Environmental
Health Sciences
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Jill Ascher
Deputy Director, Division of Veterinary Services
FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research
Szczepan Baran
Global Head, Animal Welfare
Compliance Training
Novartis Institutes for
BioMedical Research, Inc.
Bonnie V. Beaver
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
Texas A&M University
Cindy Buckmaster
Director, Center for Comparative Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Saverio (Buddy) Capuano III
National Primate Research Centers
Attending Veterinarian and Associate Director,
Animal Services, Wisconsin National Primate
Research Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carol Clarke
Research Specialist Staff Officer
US Department of Agriculture,
APHIS Animal Care
Michael DuVall
Scientific Director
Head, Toxicology and Animal Laboratory Medicine
Johnson and Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
James G. Fox
Professor and Director
Division of Comparative Medicine
Professor, Department of
Biological Engineering
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology
Alema Galijatovic-Idrizbegovic
Executive Director of Toxicological Sciences
Merck & Co., Inc.
Gail C. Golab
Director, Animal Welfare Division
American Veterinary Medical Association
Michael Huerkamp
Director, Division of Animal Resources
Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Attending Veterinarian
Emory University
Donna Matthews Jarrell
Attending Veterinarian
Director, Center for Comparative Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital
Bruce W. Kennedy
Compliance Associate
California State Polytechnic University
Cal Poly Pomona – Office of Research
David M. Kurtz
Veterinary Staff Scientist
National Institute of
Environmental Health Sciences
Margaret S. Landi
Chief of Animal Welfare, Ethics and Strategy
K.C. Kent Lloyd
Director, Mouse Biology Program
University of California, Davis
Joseph T. Newsome
Clinical Director, Division of Laboratory Animal
Resources and Associate Professor, Pathology
University of Pittsburgh
Patricia Preisig
Professor, Internal Medicine
(Nephrology) and Cellular and Molecular Physiology
Yale University
Susan Brust Silk
Director, Division of Policy and Education
Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare
National Institutes of Health
Edda “Floh” Thiels
Program Director,
Integrative Organismal Systems
Division, Biological Sciences Directorate
National Science Foundation
Rhonda J. Wiler
Senior Director, Transgenic Technology
Robert H. Wurtz
NIH Distinguished Investigator
Laboratory of Sensorimotor Research
National Eye Institute
National Institutes of Health