Presentations and Videos: Future Directions for Animal Law

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Keynote Presentation: Bernadette Juarez, US Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services | Video

Revision | Video
The laws, regulations and policies that govern the use of animals in laboratories create a complex and not always consistent system. In this panel, we will hear different perspectives about how this system currently operates, and how it might be changed. As we look to the future, what aspects of federal laws should or could be changed? Do the goals as currently set out in federal laws need to be changed? If so, to what and how?

Reach – Part 1: Expanding Laboratory Animal Laws to Other Species and Other Research Purposes | Video
This session will address whether current federal laws, regulations and policies addressing animals in research setting should be expanded to cover currently exempted species, including animals in agricultural research. Speakers will also Page 4 discuss the possible impact on the resources required for implementation of such laws, regulations and/or policies.

Reach – Part 2: Expanding Laboratory Animal Laws to New Technologies and Organizations and Other Animal Owners | Video
The development of new genetic technologies and the growing involvement of veterinary clinics in animal research have created uncertainty and potential gaps in the regulatory oversight of animal use in basic science and pre-clinical trials. This session will examine challenges posed by the emergence of gene drive research – which seeks to develop genetically modified animals in the lab for intentional release into wild populations – and the growing practice of recruiting private individuals’ sick pets into clinical studies on both human and animal diseases.

Resolution | Video
This session will address significant and/or interesting potential legal conflicts related to laboratory animals that may arise in coming years.

Closing Remarks | Video