Zebrafish Health and Husbandry

The scientific community is rapidly realizing the benefits of using zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a model in research related to human health. The field was initially led by investigations in developmental genetics, but now adult zebrafish are also extensively used as model organisms in infectious disease and immune system function work and in the study of aging, toxicology, oncology, and behavior.

Given the increasing importance of these animals in biomedical research, it is essential to produce and maintain healthy and pathogen-free adults. Both husbandry and underlying health status can significantly affect research outcomes. Improper water quality, nutrition, and pathogen infections can profoundly affect fecundity, growth, immunity, neoplasia, and other responses. These in turn can distort experimental results, an important concern with any animal model. This issue features reviews of the major husbandry issues and diseases of importance to zebrafish in the research setting.

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Introduction: Use of Zebrafish in Research and Importance of Health and Husbandry
Michael Kent and Zoltán Varga
Mycobacteriosis in Zebrafish Colonies
Christopher M. Whipps, Christine Lieggi, Robert Wagner
Microsporidiosis in Zebrafish Research Facilities
Justin Sanders, Virginia Watral, and Michael Kent 
Neoplasia and Neoplasm-Associated Lesions in Laboratory Colonies of Zebrafish Emphasizing Key Influences of Diet and Aquaculture System Design
Jan Spitsbergen, Donald R. Buhler, and Tracy L. Peterson 
Documented and Potential Research Impacts of Subclinical Diseases in Zebrafish
Michael Kent, Claudia Harper, and Jeffrey C. Wolf 
Viral Diseases in Zebrafish: What is Known and Unknown
Marcus Crim and Lela K. Riley
Fundamental Approaches to the Study of Zebrafish Nutrition
Stephen A. Watts, Louis D’Abramo, and Mickie Powell 
Zebrafish Breeding in the Laboratory Environment
Andrzej Nasiadka and Matthew D. Clark
Aspects of Larval Rearing
Carole Wilson
Zebrafish Housing Systems: A Review of Basic Operating Principles and Considerations for Design and Functionality
Christian Lawrence and Timothy Mason 
Anesthesia and Euthanasia in Zebrafish
Monte Matthews and Zoltán Varga
IACUC Issues Associated with Zebrafish
George E. Sanders
Zebrafish Resources on the Internet
Stephen A. Smith
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