Animal Models of Drug Addictions: High Hopes for Therapeutic Treatments

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Addictions to substances both licit (e.g., alcohol, nicotine) and illicit (e.g., marijuana, cocaine) are a pervasive national and international social and economic challenge, accounting for as much as $600 billion annually in cumulative losses in the United States alone. The treatment of addictions and addictive behaviors is thus an important public health concern. The articles in this issue highlight the remarkable advances in the field of addiction research, drawing from a broad array of studies that have used animal models to elucidate brain mechanisms, structural and functional alterations, and associated behavioral changes. The strength and significance of these studies lie in the accuracy with which they model the clinical condition and thus contribute to effective translation. The authors also note some of the challenges and opportunities in the science of drug abuse and treatment of addiction.

The topic is both important and broad enough to warrant two issues, in which experts review efforts to understand a variety of substance dependences and to develop therapeutic treatments for them. In this issue the authors address addictions to alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and ketamine. Articles in the subsequent issue will focus on the neurobiology of addiction-like behaviors, addressing addiction and psychiatric disorders, sex differences in addiction, and various aspects of food addiction. Each issue also includes an article on IACUC considerations relevant to addiction-related research.

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Introduction: Animal Models of Drug Addiction in Support of Novel Therapeutic Strategies
Joseph Frascella, Kimberlei A. Richardson, and Gabrielle L. McLemore
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Translational Models of Interactions between Stress and Alcohol Consumption: Strengths and Limitations
F. Woodward Hopf, Dennis R. Sparta, and Antonello Bonci
Effects of Pre- and Neonatal Nicotine Exposure in Rodents: Inconsistent Evidence
Sonya K. Sobrian and R. Robert Holson
Marijuana Dependence: Not Just Smoke and Mirrors
Divya Ramesh, Joel E. Schlosburg, Jason M. Wiebelhaus, and Aron H. Lichtman
Cracking the Molecular Code of Cocaine Addiction
Serge H. Ahmed and Paul J. Kenny
Mediating the Effects of Drug Abuse: The Role of Narp in Synaptic Plasticity
Irving M. Reti, Ashley M. Blouin, Paul F. Worley, Peter C. Holland, Alexander W. Johnson, and Jay M. Baraban
Changing Mechanisms of Opiate Tolerance and Withdrawal during Early Development: Animal Models of the Human Experience
Gordon A. Barr, Anika McPhie-Lalmansingh, Jessica Perez, and Michelle Riley
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Opioid Dependence and NMDA Receptors
Michael J. Glass
Nucleus Accumbens Invulnerability to Methamphetamine Neurotoxicity
Donald M. Kuhn, Mariana Angoa-Pérez, and David M. Thomas
IACUC Perspective on Drug Addiction Research
Katherine L. Nicholson and Nancy A. Ator
Workshop Summary: Neotropical Primates in Biomedical Research
Suzette D. Tardif, Christian R. Abee, and Keith G. Mansfield
Harmonizing Veterinary Training and Qualifications in Laboratory Animal Medicine: A Global Perspective
Kathryn A. Bayne, David Bayvel, Judy MacArthur Clark, Gilles Demers, Christophe Joubert, Tsutomu Miki Kurosawa, Ekaterina Rivera, Ouajdi Souilem, and Patricia V. Turner
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Simultaneous Measurement of Behavior and the Somatosensory Evoked Potential in a Rat Model
Manon W.H. Schaap, Joost J. Uilenreef, Arie Doornenbal, José G. van’t Klooster, Saskia S. Arndt, and Ludo J. Hellebrekers
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Enriched Environment Moderates Obesity in Genetically Hyperphagic OLETF Rats in a Sex-dependent Manner
Mariana Schroeder, Liat Shbiro, and Aron Weller
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