Proceedings of the Symposium on Animal Welfare and Scientific Research: 1985 to 2010

This special, supplemental issue presents the transcripts of the thoughtful reflections and wide-ranging sessions at the October 2010 symposium, “Animal Welfare and Scientific Research: 1985 to 2010: Recognizing 25 Years of Improving Animal Welfare, Advancing Science,” hosted by the NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare, Animal Care, and IACUC 101. The issue is much more than a historical record of progress in animal welfare and scientific research since the 1985 passage of the Animal Welfare Act amendments and publication of the US Government Principles. It vividly captures the speakers’ presentations—humorous, sobering, and fascinating—as they convey the dynamic changes from “where we were” to some of the exciting new directions—and remaining challenges—in animal research. The issue makes for compelling and engaging reading and is sure to be a well-received and valued resource for all who care about the intersection of animal welfare and scientific research.

The supplemental issue is available for purchase here.


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