Animal Models of Aging: Something Old, Something New (Vol. 52:1)


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1 Introduction: Animal Models of Aging: Something Old, Something New
Richard L. Sprott
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4 Mice as a Mammalian Model for Research on the Genetics of Aging
Rong Yuan, Luanne L. Peters, and Beverly Paigen
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16 Heterogeneous Stocks and Selective Breeding in Aging Research
Gerald E. McClearn and Roger J. McCarter
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24 The Collaborative Cross: A Recombinant Inbred Mouse Population for the Systems Genetic Era
David W. Threadgill, Darla R. Miller, Gary A. Churchill, and Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena
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32 Mindspan: Lessons from Rat Models of Neurocognitive Aging
Michela Gallagher, Amy M. Stocker, and Ming Teng Koh
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41 Successful Aging and Sustained Good Health in the Naked Mole Rat: A Long-Lived Mammalian Model for Biogerontology and Biomedical Research
Yael H. Edrey, Martha Hanes, Mario Pinto, James Mele, and Rochelle Buffenstein
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54 The Marmoset as a Model of Aging and Age-Related Diseases
Suzette D. Tardif, Keith G. Mansfi eld, Rama Ratnam, Corinna N. Ross, and Toni E. Ziegler
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66 Calorie Restriction and Aging in Nonhuman Primates
Joseph W. Kemnitz
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78 The Development of Small Primate Models for Aging Research
Kathleen E. Fischer and Steven N. Austad
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89 Candidate Bird Species for Use in Aging Research
Steven N. Austad
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97 Aging Research 2011: Exploring the Pet Dog Paradigm
David J. Waters
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106 IACUC Issues Related to Animal Models of Aging
Kathleen M. Heiderstadt and Mary J. Kennett
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