GMO Interfaces Workshop Presentations

On January 15-16, 2015 the Roundtable on Public Interfaces of the Life Sciences hosted a workshop, When Science and Citizens Connect: Public Engagement on Genetically Modified Organisms.

 Each title links to a PDF of the presentation, unless otherwise noted. 

Workshop Video Playlist (YouTube)

SESSION 1 The Sciences of Engagement, Decisions, and Politics

The Science of Science Communication – Dietram Scheufele, UW-Madison
How Consumers Make Decisions -William Hallman, Rutgers University
Could GMOs Harm the Science Communication Environment? Vice Versa? – Dan Kahan, Yale University
The Roles of Scientists in Policy and Politics – Roger Pielke, Jr., University of Colorado

SESSION 2 Science and Perceptions: Knowns, Unknowns, and Challenges

Public Perceptions of GM Technologies – Dominique Brossard, UW-Madison
GMO and Consumers– Stephen Palacios, Added Value Cheskin  (please note, the public version of this presentation was slightly modified to protect proprietary information)
Science and Journalism: The Elephant in the Room – Tamar Haspel, Food and Science Journlist
Engaging Publics in Science and Technology – Jason Delborne, NC State University

Panel Discussion on Science Communication and Initiatives to Label GM Foods [Video] – includes opening comments given by moderator David Goldston, NRDC
Panelists: Robert Goldberg, UCLA; William Hallman, Rutgers University;  Tamar Haspel, Food and Science Journalist; Eric Sachs, MonsantoAllison Snow, Ohio State University

SESSION 3 Towards Improving the Interfaces Between Scientists and Citizens

Welcome and Starting Thoughts for Day 2 – Brooke Smith, COMPASS

Reports from Breakout Sessions [Videos] 

Panel Discussion: Reactions, Reflections, and Take-Homes [Video] – includes reports from the 3
Panelists: Rick Borchelt, DOE; Helene Dillard, UC Davis; Molly Jahn, UW-Madison;
Dan Kahan, Yale University