Educational Institute on Responsible Science (SE Asia)

The 1st Educational Institute on Responsible Science in Southeast Asia was held was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from August 17-22, 2013 and brought together participants from India, Malaysia and Pakistan. The Institute in SE Asia follows the same formula as the MENA Institutes, but instead focuses on developing a network of faculty members across South and Southeast Asia.

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One of the follow-up activities of the Institute is to provide participants the opportunity to apply for grants of up to $1,500 USD to hold smaller versions of the Institute at their home institutions. After the execution of these workshops, the participants, committee members, facilitators and staff reconvene to hold a reunion approximately 6 months after the initial Institute. You can find links below to the grant applications, photos and videos from the reunion, as well as participant and committee lists and the agenda and materials from the Institute.


After the grant-funded projects have been completed at the Institute in SE Asia’s participants home institutions, all grant awardees, committee members, facilitators, and NAS staff reconvene at a reunion event approximately 8-10 months after the completion of the Institute. The reunion provides time for reconnection, presentation of grant projects, and receiving constructive commentary on how the projects were executed. Materials from the reunion event, including a photo gallery, select videos and materials from the grant activities are located below.

Institute in SE Asia Reunion