The Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology and the Board on Life Sciences are pleased to announce a new consensus project being sponsored by National Science Foundation and US Department of Energy, “Industrialization of Biology:  A Roadmap to Accelerate Advanced Manufacturing of Chemicals”.

Charge to the Committee

Under the oversight of the National Research Council’s Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology and Board on Life Sciences, an ad-hoc committee will develop a roadmap of the advances in basic science and engineering capabilities necessary to realize the full benefit of research investments intended to enable the advanced manufacturing of chemicals using biological systems.  Essential elements of the roadmap will include:

  1. identification of the core scientific and technical challenges that must be overcome;
  2. tools, measurement techniques, databases, and computational techniques needed to serve as the building blocks for research and applications;
  3. how to develop, share, and diffuse common interoperable standards, languages, and measurements; and
  4. when and how to integrate non-technological insights and societal concerns into the pursuit of the technical challenges.

The full statement of task is available here.