Climate Change: Teachers’ Resource Kit

These resources from the National Resource Council, published in 2012, provide an excellent package of teaching materials on the subject of climate change.

Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts, and Choices booklet

The National Research Council is pleased to present this booklet in three parts that (1) summarizes the current state of knowledge about climate change; (2) explains some impacts expected in this century and beyond; and (3) examines how science can help inform choices about managing and reducing the risks posed by climate change.

Click here to read the booklet online. You can also download the booklet as high-quality PDF by clicking here.

Copies of the booklet are now available from the National Academies Press. Teacher-ready packages are available in set of 3 booklets for $1 plus shipping.

Climate Change: Lines of Evidence videos

The National Research Council is pleased to present this video that explains how scientists have arrived at the state of knowledge about current climate change and its causes.

Click on the following links if you would like to view each of the seven chapters individually.

Chapter 1: What is Climate?

Chapter 2: Is Earth Warming?

Chapter 3: Greenhouse Gases

Chapter 4: Increased Emissions

Chapter 5: How Much Warming?

Chapter 6: Solar Influence

Chapter 7: Natural Cycles

You’ll also find all seven videos together in a YouTube playlist here.

If you are unable to stream online video in your classroom, DVDs will also be available soon.

Climate Change booklet figure gallery

In response to requests from the public, the National Research Council is making a gallery of the figures from the Climate Change booklet available online.

Click here to view and download many of the figures from the booklet.

Climate Change Figure Powerpoint Presentation

If you would like to use the figures from the figure gallery above in a Powerpoint presentation, this file contains slides with all of the figures and their captions, ready to insert into your presentation.

Spanish Translation: Cambio Climático: Evidencia, Impactos, y Opciones

This Spanish translation of the booklet brings Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts, and Choices to a new audience. Read it online or download the PDF here.