About the Roundtable

U.S. stores of unconventional hydrocarbon resources such as shale oil and natural gas have been developed rapidly in the past decade.  As development has expanded, so has the discussion over the potential advantages and disadvantages of using these resources.

This roundtable, launched in late 2015, provides a neutral forum where representatives from government, industry, academia, and non-governmental and international organizations can meet on an ongoing basis to:

  • gather, critically examine, and communicate facts and data regarding the scientific, engineering, human and environmental health and safety, regulatory, economic, and societal aspects of unconventional hydrocarbon development;
  • identify and help to advance activities that would be of broad value to key stakeholders;
  • assist in informing decision making about development of these resources.
Past Events

Midland Regional Workshop
Pittsburgh Regional Workshop
Denver Regional Workshop

Released Reports

Current Topics of the Roundtable

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