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October 2-3, 2017

Workshop Planning Committee:

Melissa Batum, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Joe LimaSchlumberger
David A. Dzombak, Carnegie Mellon University
Wendy J. Harrison, Colorado School of Mines
Jan Mares, Resources for the Future
Elena S. Melchert, Department of Energy
Kris J. Nygaard, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
Michael Parker, Parker Environmental and Consulting, LLC
Sandra Wiegand, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

Brief Summary

Well completion and stimulation technologies to develop hydrocarbon resources offshore have evolved over many decades. While hydraulic fracturing has become widely known to the public with the intensive development of unconventional resources onshore in recent years, less understood by the public are other common well completion and stimulation technologies that are used in offshore operations including hydraulic fracturing, “gravel packs,” “frac-packs,” “acid-fracs,” and “matrix-acidizing treatments.”

This workshop will explore the unique features of operating in the U.S. offshore environment, including well completion and stimulation technologies, environmental considerations and concerns, and health and safety management. The audience and speakers from across government, industry, academic, and non-profit sectors will share information and their perspectives on operational and regulatory approaches to minimize environmental and human risk in developing offshore resources. Participants will also examine technical, environmental, and regulatory challenges and opportunities that will be captured in a workshop proceedings volume and an archived webcast.

3 Key Themes were addressed by this workshop. These include:

  1.  Development of offshore oil and gas fields, including those that use completion and stimulation technologies such as gravel packing, hydraulic fracturing, frac-packs, and acidizing treatments.
  2. Observations, monitoring, and technology development
  3. Environmental, health, and safety focus in the offshore.