With global population increasing and climate changing, many communities are facing water supply challenges. As a result, water reuse—the use of treated wastewater for beneficial purposes including irrigation, industrial uses, and drinking—is attracting increasing attention.

A new report from the National Research Council concludes that expanding water reuse could significantly increase the nation’s total available water resources, and that a portfolio of water treatment options is now available to mitigate water quality concerns. In fact, the report’s analysis  shows that the risk of exposure to contaminants from drinking reused water is not any higher than the risk experienced in some current drinking water treatment systems—and may be orders of magnitude lower. A brief version of the report is available here (PDF download).

Dr. Rhodes Trussell, Committee Chair and Founder, Trussell Technologies

We invite the public to submit questions about the water reuse report to the Chair of the report’s authoring committee, Dr. Rhodes Trussell. Dr. Trussell is a recognized authority on methods and criteria for assessing water quality and developing advanced processes for treating wastewater.

The Q&A will be open until Tuesday, January 24.


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