About the Presidents’ Circle


The Presidents’ Circle is a vibrant community that advises, engages with, and supports the presidents of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to provide intellectual, human, and financial resources needed to sustain the work of the Academies.


Members of the Presidents’ Circle are business, industry, scientific, engineering, health and philanthropic leaders. They value science, engineering, and medicine, and help strengthen their vitality and their role in our economy, our society, in the quality of our lives, and in our international position. Membership is by invitation from the presidents.


Opportunities to connect with experts across many sectors and to enhance the work and impact of the National Academies include:

Shaping and Addressing Future National Issues: Members are offered opportunities to interact with the National Academies’ presidents, senior leadership, and distinguished experts to discuss and explore cutting edge matters of national and global significance. Circle members can contribute by suggesting topics for the National Academies’ intellectual and policy agendas.

Making Human Connections: Members serve as ambassadors to promote a better understanding of the issues in science, engineering, and medicine facing the nation and how the National Academies study of these issues benefits the nation and the world.

Bringing Leadership Skills: Depending upon the members’ backgrounds, abilities, availability, and interests, they may be invited to speak at workshops, to participate in in-depth studies, to serve on boards or standing committees, and to support outreach and communication efforts.

Supporting Change: Members’ intellectual, human, and financial support provides the National Academies with resources to respond promptly to the complex challenges that face our nation and the world.


  1. Engage with the presidents on important issues facing the nation and provide valuable external perspectives on those issues.
  2. Consider possible appointment to the formal and informal activities of the National Academies, where the qualifications, interests, and expertise of the members match the needs of the National Academies.
  3. Help build relationships with the nation’s corporate, professional, political, cultural, and community leaders.
  4. Make an annual contribution of $10,000 or more. Additional philanthropic stewardship of specific Academies initiatives of interest to members is welcomed and encouraged.
  5. Recommend potential nominees for membership.