Meet the Presidents’ Circle Members

The Presidents’ Circle is a vibrant community that advises, engages with, and supports the presidents of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to provide intellectual, human, and financial resources needed to sustain the work of the National Academies. Members of the Presidents’ Circle are business, industry, scientific, engineering, health and philanthropic leaders. They value science, engineering, and medicine, and help strengthen their vitality and their role in our economy, our society, in the quality of our lives, and in our international position. Membership is by invitation from the presidents. New members in the past year appear in bold.


Richard N. Foster

Founding Member

Frank Press*


Drew Altman

Norman R. Augustine

Donald R. Beall

Tanya S. Beder

Daniel A. Bennett

Nancy E. Conrad

Juan Enriquez

Richard Fishman

Dan Gupta

Mark Hamlin

Benjamin W. Heineman, Jr.

Jane Hirsh

Sharon Hrynkow

Irwin M. Jacobs

William I. Koch

Jill H. Kramer

Kent Kresa

John F. McDonnell

Christopher D. McFadden

Terry McGuire

Lee McIntire

B. Greg Mitchell

Darla Mueller

Peter O’Donnell, Jr.

Stephanie Pace Marshall

John S. Reed

John W. Rowe

Ajay Royan

Sarah Scott Mitchell

Susan E. Siegel

Thomas C. Sutton

Judy Swanson

Olivia Tournay Flatto

Jay S. Walker

Robert H. Waterman

Ronald A. Williams

Joshua Wolfe

Peter Zandan

James W. Ziglar

Emeritus Members

Ernest A. Bates

Berkley Bedell

Diane Bernstein

Malin Burnham

Louis W. Cabot

Blouke Carus

Howard E. Cox

Charles W. Duncan, Jr.

George C. Eads

Jack M. Gill

Samuel F. Heffner, Jr.

Charles O. Holliday, Jr.

M. Blakeman Ingle

Christopher Ireland

Robert L. James

Scott A. Jones

Gerald D. Laubach

Whitney MacMillan*

Richard J. Mahoney

Davis L. Masten

Charles H. McTier

Kamal K. Midha

Joe F. Moore

Robert W. Morey, Jr.

Patricia S. Nettleship

Ralph S. O’Connor*

Axel Schupf

Sara L. Schupf

Georges C. St. Laurent, Jr.

Deborah Szekely

Margaret S. Wilson

Carole S. Young

James F. Young

* Deceased