Get Involved

Presidents’ Circle members have used their talent, leadership, and resources to spur lasting and significant efforts across the institution. Below are some of the many ways Circle members can be involved.

Ways to Get Involved

Shaping and Addressing Future National Issues: Members are offered opportunities to interact with the National Academies’ presidents, senior leadership, and distinguished experts to discuss and explore cutting edge matters of national and global significance. Circle members can contribute by suggesting topics for the National Academies’ intellectual and policy agendas.

Making Human Connections: Members serve as ambassadors to promote a better understanding of the issues in science, engineering, and medicine facing the nation and how the National Academies study of these issues benefits the nation and the world.

Bringing Leadership Skills: Depending upon the members’ backgrounds, abilities, availability, and interests, they may be invited to speak at workshops, to participate in in-depth studies, to serve on boards or standing committees, and to support outreach and communication efforts.

Supporting Change: Members’ intellectual, human, and financial support provides the National Academies with resources to respond promptly to the complex challenges that face our nation and the world.