Selected National Academies’ Impacts

Reports, convening activities, and initiatives of the National Academies have informed the nation’s policies and actions that helped to improve the lives of people in the U.S. and around the world. For the latest news from the National Academies, please visit our Newsroom.

Some Impacts that Changed History

Mapping the Human Genome

The blueprint for the national project that resulted in mapping and sequencing the human genome was provided by a 1988 report.

Safeguarding Use of Prescription Medications

A 1969 study inspired critical improvements in licensing and distributing prescription medications.

Governing the Nuclear Industry

A landmark 1956 report strongly influenced America’s regulation of atomic and nuclear energy.

Improving Nutrition

The nation’s first Recommended Dietary Allowances were laid out in a 1941 report, and the series continues today.

Creating Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

A 1929 report spurred the creation of this important ocean research facility.

Establishing the National Parks System

One of the institution’s earliest studies served as the catalyst for creating a program to preserve unspoiled lands.