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Arctic Matters: The Global Connection to Changes in the Arctic

Download the Booklet PDF Buy hard copies of the booklet  Interactive website Learn about Arctic Matters Day, a free public symposium     This booklet is an educational resource from the National Research Council’s Polar Research Board that introduces the threats and opportunities of the Arctic’s rapidly changing environment and explains why the Arctic matters …

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Climate Change Evidence and Causes Booklet

Climate Change: Evidence and Causes

Download the Booklet Download the full booklet Download only the Q&A section of the booklet Download only the Climate Basics section of the booklet View a gallery of figures from the booklet Buy hard copies of the booklet in sets of five from the National Academies Press The US National Academy of Sciences and The …

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Ocean Acidification: Starting with the Science

Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – in addition to contributing to climate change – is absorbed by the ocean, making sea water more acidic and leading to a suite of changes in ocean chemistry. Preliminary evidence suggests ocean acidification will have negative effects on corals, shellfish, and other marine life, with wide-ranging consequences for …

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Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts, and Choices

The National Research Council is pleased to present this booklet in three parts that (1) summarizes the current state of knowledge about climate change; (2) explains some impacts expected in this century and beyond; and (3) examines how science can help inform choices about managing and reducing the risks posed by climate change. Click here …

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Booklet: Warming World: Impacts by Degree

Based on Climate Stabilization Targets (2011), this booklet explains how and why human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are causing warming and quantifies several projected impacts of climate change per degree of warming. Download the booklet (PDF) Order FREE copies of the booklet here! Check out the report on which the booklet …

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