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Review of the National Science Foundation’s Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences (AGS) Draft Science Goals and Objectives (2014)

The National Science Foundation’s Division on Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences (AGS) supports research to achieve the nation’s scientific and education goals in the atmospheric sciences. At AGS’ request, this letter report reviews an AGS draft goals and objectives document that sets forth missions, long-term goals, and the means to achieve those goals, for the years 2014–2018. The letter report’s authoring committee commends AGS on taking initial steps toward strategic planning, and for participating in a public workshop organized by the National Research Council that engaged the atmospheric and geospace sciences community to provide feedback on the draft goals and objectives document. However, the letter report’s authoring committee found that there are two key missing pieces from the Document that should be present to help AGS achieve its overall vision and mission: (1) clarification of the context and purpose of the Document and; (2) the role of AGS in the context of the national research portfolio. The committee also made observations and recommendations regarding the organization of the document, and the definition and articulation of the individual goals. Finally, the report makes recommendations on how the Document can more clearly articulate collaboration within AGS and the National Science Foundation, as well as nationally and internationally.


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