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Nadrian Seeman: DNA Origami

Nadrian Seeman builds nanoscale structures out of folded DNA

Seeman explores the architecture of DNA

Many researchers study DNA to learn about genes and their effects on health and disease. But what about DNA as a chemical structure?

Nadrian Seeman, Ph.D., sees DNA—with its long double-helixes made up of various combinations of four essential molecules—as an important chemical structure with potential applications even outside of the context of living things.

Seeman uses DNA as a basis for innovative nanotechnology research. Through a technique of intricate chemical manipulation he calls “DNA origami,” Seeman folds strands of DNA into nanoscale structures such as crystals, lattices, and complex rings. The ultimate goal of this research is to develop self-replicable systems and nanoscale mechanical devices, which could be useful for a variety of applications in industry and energy.

Presentation: “Bioinspired Nanotechnology” (PDF)

Audio Interview

Nadrian Seeman is Professor of Chemistry at New York University.