The National Academies are committed to providing clear, objective, evidence-based information and advice to the Nation.  Over the last decade, the Academies have been actively engaged in questions related to biosecurity, biodefense, relevant aspects of public health, and broader discussions of the relationship between science and security.  Every part of the Academies has produced reports and conducted meetings intended to support:

  • Enhancing security and safety in life sciences research,
  • Reducing the potential for misuse of the results of research while enabling continued scientific progress, and
  • Promoting the effective use of science and technology to respond to the threat of bioterrorism and biological weapons.

Reflecting the increasingly global nature of life sciences research, the Academies also work with international partners such as other scientific organizations to promote the same goals worldwide.

On this website, we have pulled together information about National Academies’ reports, ongoing projects, and activities.  We hope this will make it easier to find the many resources available from this institution.  The site also includes links to some of the growing number of biosecurity websites in the United States and overseas.

“We must come together to prevent, detect, and fight every kind of biological danger – whether it is a pandemic like H1N1, a terrorist threat, or a treatable disease.” –  President Obama, United Nations General Assembly, September 22, 2011