First Public Meeting

The committee held it’s first public meeting at the National Academy of Sciences building on April 18, 2016.

Click the links below to view video recording and presentation slides.


 1:00 pm               Welcome and Introduction to the Committee

  • Richard Murray, Chair
  • Douglas Friedman, Study Director

1:10 pm                White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (View Slides Here)

1:30 pm                US Department of Agriculture (View Slides Here)

  • John Turner, Director – Biotechnology Risk Analysis Program
  • Lisa Ferguson, National Director – Policy Permitting and Regulatory Services, National Import Export Services

2:00 pm                US Environmental Protection Agency (View Slides Here)

  • Rebecca Edelstein, Team Leader for New Chemicals Program Chemical Control Division, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
  • Chris Wozniak, Biotechnology Special Assistant – Bio-pesticides and Pollution Prevention Division, Office of Pesticide Programs

2:30 pm                US Food and Drug Administration (View Slides Here)

  • Ritu Nalubola, Senior Policy Advisor – Office of the Commissioner

3:00 pm                Break

3:20 pm                Committee Discussion with Sponsors (View Slides Here)

4:30 pm                Public Comment Period

5:00 pm                Adjourn