March 9-10, 2015

The second meeting of the committee was held on March 9-10, 2015 at the National Academy of Sciences building in Washington, DC.

March 9-10, 2015

The National Academy of Science Building
2101 Constitution Avenues, NW
Washington, DC 20418

Agenda – March 9, 2015 (Room 120)

10:00 am Doors Open
10:15 am

Welcome & plan for the day
         Diane McKnight, chair

10:20 am Session 1: Pipelines in the US
         Tom Miesner, Pipeline Knowledge and Development
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(11:10 am) Panel Discussion:
         Peter Lidiak, American Petroleum Institute
11:45 am Lunch (location of NAS cafeteria)
12:45 pm Session 2: Crude Oil Properties Relevant to Environmental Impact
         Lyman Young,
Independent Consultant (VTC)
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         Chris Reddy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
         Download presentation
         Heather Dettman, Natural Resources Canada
         Download presentation
         John Zhou, Alberta Innovates – Energy  and Environment Solutions
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(1:45 pm) Panel Discussion
2:45 pm Break
3:00 pm Session 2: Crude Oil Properties Relevant to Environmental Impact
         Steve Larter, University of Calgary
         Ken Lee, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (VTC)
         Bruce Hollebone, Environment Canada
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 (4:00 pm)  Panel Discussion
 5:00 pm  Public Comment*
 5:30 pm  Adjourn open session
*Opportunity is offered at the end of this meeting for interested individuals to comment and offer information relevant to the study. Comments should not exceed 3 minutes in duration; lengthier comments and information can be submitted in writing to the committee. The total time available for public comments is 30 minutes. A sign-up sheet will be available starting at 10:00 am time the day of the meeting for interested individuals to register to comment on a first-come, first-served basis. Speakers must be present to register.


Agenda – March 10, 2015 (Room 120)

8:30 am Doors Open
8:45 am Session 3: Environmental Impacts
         Thomas King, Centre for Offshore Oil, Gas, and Energy Research
         Download presentation
         Peter Hodson, Queens University (VTC)
         Download presentation
         Gary Shigenaka, NOAA
         Download presentation pt. 1
         Download presentation pt. 2
         Download presentation pt. 3
(10:10 am) Panel Discussion
11:30 am Lunch (location of NAS cafeteria)
12:30 pm Session 4: Response and Regulations
         Greg Powell,
         Dan Capone, Mannik Smith Group
         Download presentation
         Dave Lehman, Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
         Download presentation
         Cmdr. Joseph Loring
, US Coast Guard
         Download presentation
         Christopher Ruhl
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2:15 pm Break
2:30 pm Session 4 Panel Discussion
4:00 pm  Adjourn open session