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  1. The report identifies a number of challenges facing the Oceanographic community, including: 1) high demand for Global class ships, 2) under utilization of Regional class ships, and, 3) decreasing funding rates for “core” science proposals. While I recognize that OOI has the potential to support novel science, OOI was conceived during a period of increasing NSF funding that has not been sustained.

    I support the proposed cut to the “Global” OOI programs that include servicing of remote buoys with Global class ships and taking that money and reinvesting it in core science programs. This choice would address the three challenges described above – it would free up time on Global class ships that would no longer have to service remote buoys, and it would increase funding rates of core science proposals, some of which presumably request time on Regional class ships, thereby increasing funding rates of individual PI’s as well as helping increase the use of Regional class ships.

    Returning funding to the core science programs would also bolster the morale of early career scientists who depend on support from NSF to advance their careers.

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