Ragweed, Common. Courtesy of The Weed Science Society of America.

Ragweed, Common. Courtesy of The Weed Science Society of America.

Preserving the efficacy of herbicides, and of herbicide-resistance technology, particularly as it relates to the use of glyphosate, depends upon awareness of the problem and coordinated action to address the problem by individuals at the farm level and beyond. This summit served as a venue to bring awareness of this important issue to stakeholders and as an opportunity for experts from diverse disciplines to strategize ways to address herbicide-resistant weeds.

In convening stakeholders for this event, participants took a step towards addressing a recommendation from the 2010 National Research Council report, The Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops on Farm Sustainability in the United States, that federal and state government agencies, private-sector technology developers, universities, farmer organizations, and other relevant stakeholders collaborate to document emerging weed-resistance problems and to develop cost-effective resistance-management programs and practices that preserve effective weed control. The summit provided the opportunity for stakeholders to explore the scientific basis of the emergence of herbicide resistance and to consider different perspectives on both opportunities and barriers to overcoming the problem of herbicide-resistant weeds.

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