The Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology and the Board on Life Sciences of the National Research Council are pleased to announce the public release of their report on “Industrialization of Biology:  A Roadmap to Accelerate Advanced Manufacturing of Chemicals”, the product of a consensus study sponsored by the National Science Foundation and US Department of Energy.

The report lays out a ten-year roadmap that aims to put biological synthesis and engineering on par with chemical synthesis and engineering for producing chemicals used in fuels, materials, and industrial applications.  Advanced manufacturing of chemicals through biology could help address global challenges related to energy, climate change, agriculture, and environmental sustainability by reducing toxic by-products, greenhouse gas emissions, and fossil fuel consumption in chemical production.  The roadmap identifies necessary advancements in basic science and engineering that would accelerate chemical manufacturing through biotechnology and help realize its benefits.

A prepublication version of the report is available at the National Academies Press website.