May 28-29, 2014

A data-gathering workshop was held May 28th and 29th, 2014 at the National Academy of Sciences Building (2101 Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20037).

The workshop featured sessions on:

  • Perspectives on Chemical Industry Process,
  • Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Testing,
  • Synthesis and Genome Scale Engineering,
  • Measurement of Engineered Organisms, Pathways, Systems,
  • Technical Challenges in Safety and Bio-containment,
  • Advanced Molecules, and
  • Scale Up and Scale Out.

Agenda Book

Agenda Book [PDF] – 5/30/2014


Session 1: Welcome and Opening Presentation

Tom Connelly [PDF]
Doug Cameron [PDF]

Session 2: Perspectives on Chemical Industry Process

Lionel Clarke
Markus Pompejus
Mark Burk [PDF]
Guo-ping Zhao [PDF]
Jennifer Holmgren [PDF]

Session 3: Technical Challenges in Safety and Biocontainment

Pilar Ossorio
Mark Segal [PDF]
Eleonore Pauwels [PDF]
Dietram Scheufele [PDF]
Ed You [PDF]

Session 4: Synthesis and Genome Scale Engineering

Andy Ellington
Chris Voigt
Todd Peterson
Jennifer Doudna [PDF]
Harris Wang [PDF]
Timothy Lu [PDF]

Session 5: Measurement

Steve Laderman
Drew Endy
John McLean [PDF]
John Sweedler [PDF]
Marc Salit

Session 6: Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Testing

Nathan Hillson
Eric Klavins [PDF]
Berhard Palsson [PDF]
Chris Anderson [PDF]
Sriram Kosuri [PDF]

Session 7: Advanced Molecules

Kristala Jones Prather
Michelle Chang [PDF]
Jeffrey Moore
Mike Jewett [PDF]

Session 8: Scale Up and Scale Out

Huimin Zhao
Bill Provine
Bruce Dale
Joel Cherry

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